Clinical Supervision

Supervision with Neil

I offer supervision for people who: ‘

  1. Need clinical supervision hours to get their LCSW or LCPC licenses.
  2. Psychoanalytic supervision for those who want to apply psychoanalytic theory and techniques to the work they do.

General Info

First: I provide psychoanalytic (i.e. psychodynamic) supervision. If you make use of a non-psychoanalytic style in your own clinical work, chances are that you will not get what you’re looking for from the type of supervision that I offer.

Second: Whenever I meet with someone for supervision, the first session is simply to discover if there is a good enough fit between myself and you (the person who is seeking supervision). As a result, I do not charge for the first session.

During the first session, we will get to know one another. We will discuss our clinical backgrounds, philosophies, and what each of us wants the supervision to look like. Assuming there is a good enough fit, at the end of the first (free) session we will schedule the next session, and you will pay for that second session at the end of the first.

Set up a time for supervision:

You can use this page to set up a time for supervision. (Scroll down to find the option for supervision, which is near the bottom of the list.)