People who schedule appointments with me are:
Some things people should know before making an appointment:

If you’re a student, email me here.

  • Please be sure to explain how I can help you with the email you send.
  • (e.g. Are you looking for help with an assignment, for a preceptor, for dissertation committee member, etc.)

If you’re a clinician looking for supervision, email me here.

  • I conduct supervision on an individual and group basis. The rates are higher for individual sessions than if you’re part of a supervision group.
  • I conduct face-to-face supervision and digital supervision sessions through Zoom.

If you’re looking for psychoanalysis, email me here.

  • Please know that if you’re looking for psychoanalysis I will not be able to bill your insurance.
  • The type of psychoanalysis I practice is in the Lacanian orientation.

If you’re looking for psychotherapy, email me here.

  • If you want to use your insurance to pay for sessions please make sure I’m in-network with your insurance before setting up an appointment.
  • Also know that for most insurance companies I’m considered a “specialist,” so you may need to use the specialist co-pay.

Academic Academic advising, dissertation work, preceptor, etc. Email me at AU
Psychotherapy Looking to do outpatient individual or couples therapy? Email me at SamaraCare
Psychoanalysis Interested in getting Lacanian Psychoanalysis from me? Email me directly
Podcasts anything related to InForm:Podcast or From78 Email me directly
Speaking You’d like me to speak somewhere? Email me directly
Supervision Need supervision from an LCSW? Email me directly