For Students
I work with graduate students on dissertations, and other large writing projects.
If you're a graduate student looking for some support
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Writing & Research

If you’re writing a thesis or dissertation about a psychoanalytic (sometimes called “psychodynamic”) topic I might be able to help you out. I’ve been a member of dissertation committees, and I’ve worked individually to “coach” students through longterm writing and/or research projects.

Academic Advising

One of the many things I do in my academic life is advise graduate students. If you’re currently a graduate student with questions or concerns I’m happy to do what I can to help. Additionally, if you’re considering entering into a graduate program (MSW, DSW, Ph.D. etc) I’m happy to offer information or advice on that process as well.

Supervisor & Preceptor

If you’re doctoral student who is interested in psychoanalytic practice, and you’re looking for someone to act as a preceptor, we might be a good fit. Make an appointment with me.

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